Beta Detective working Water Homicide…

Just got back from a trip to the Colorado River, where I went boating and swimming in the heat, whilst reading Brave New World and playing L.A. Noire. 

I kept thinking I was a detective sorting out speedboat murders that went against social conditioning and the will of the Ford.

He cares, you know. Sorry Shelby.

He cares, you know. Sorry Shelby.

Sweet Deal

So I just graduated, started summer, got loads of money, got a new phone, got stuffed with good food, and I leave for Hawaii tonight.

When u tickle someone who isn't ticklish. Your friends face when you tickle them and they aren't ticklish.  Sorry for the "u" in the title, damn word limit.

christ i feel spoiled people are dying right now

One Damn Good Day

Excused by our parents to leave school after lunch for work, have grocery store sandwiches and bottled soda at the beach before we take the half-hour drive down there just to have them tell us they don’t need extra help today.

So naturally we drive as westward and whichways as we can go till we hit a quiet little nook on some beachcliff suburbia. Park, walk out to the lookout and discover a weak fence blocks an easy path down to a rocky beach, only surrounded by the cliffs and entirely deserted. So we go down and climb about the rocks, looking for shells and strange bits of nature, work our way all around to tidepools and a stairwell that leads back to civilization. Walk back to the car, drive home on the scenic route, and collapse into cold glasses of water.

He naps and I adventure about the mountains of Skyrim for awhile, winding down and just content from everything. 

Then it’s warm steak and corn for dinner, and then we go to the suit place to get the tux for Prom, and I’ve never seen him cuter. He drops me off at home and I roll around on Tumblr just thinking, 

"That was a Damn Good Day."